About Me!

Hi, my name is Sarah, and heres a short story about why I am writing this blog.

All my grandparents fell quite ill before they passed, It was sad to see them become disabled so quickly. I was about 21 when the old souls began falling ill. It is true, I was lucky to have them around at that age. Being that age I had the ability to to try and change the way people head towards their passing.

After months of reading and researching I found out that it doesn’t have to be this bad. Exercise and proper nursing help can greatly increase quality of life up until the time comes. Hence why I started this blog.

My aim is to educate readers on ways to help our beloved elderly so they have some quality of life, even if they become disabled in their life. I hope my writing comes well to you all and you can implement ideas into real life.

Sincerely, Sarah Padding xx