3 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Your Parents In-Home Care

Australian Home Care Services, Home Care Assistance / Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

In Australia, over 100,000 residents participate in home care in one form or another. They are also reaching into their own wallets to purchase it. The Australian government provides older people with financial aid to obtain the home care packages that are necessary for them to live independently and safely at home. Consumers started receiving mandatory consumer-directed home care packages which are mandatory since 1 July 2015.  By doing this it has given Australian home care recipients a better choice and wider range of services types they access, and how those services are received and the location they are delivered.  

Upwards of 80,000 Australians are receiving home care packages, with expectations of it almost doubling in the next 6 years. Since Feb,27,2017 Australians home care owners are experiencing the freedom of being able to browse different agencies for home care packages and cost. The real questions are what is a good deal and how does one go about taking the first step. Most have no understanding of the details on their provider and what they are paying and whether or not it is a good deal. We’ve have listed 3  steps to consider before purchasing in-home care and if they are receiving the best quality and price


1. Contact Spectrum for an interview

The first thing to consider is getting all the correct and precise details over to a physician about the elderly family member you will be assisting. The physician like act as an outside perspective providing no opinions on exactly what we need to know based on their capabilities. There is a better chance that your loved one will react better to doctors advice than of your own advice. Most importantly when setting up this meeting make sure prior to the call you have exactly what you need to say to the doctor written down as its important to inform them exactly what need to be addressed allowing the physician to be mentally present the entire time.

2. Conduct an In-home aged care service

Secondly, you want to perform a home walkthrough at your family/ elderly residence for the mobility options they will have as they age. It’s hard to let go of those houses that have been in the family for years or if it holds some sort of sentimental value. Hanging onto the house with obstacle only will limit the years they have left.

You want to ask and look for things like stairs and will they be an issue. If it is a two story can they belongings upstairs be brought down to be able to work with the future needs. How much would modifications run if you were in an area where it would have to be done. Are the neighbors and is the neighborhood safe? Sometimes certain areas will over the years drop down in quality and become unsafe for your loved one to live in. Are the neighbors the type of people that might be concerned if there neighbors routine fell off. Are they the type to check in and care for one another? These are the type of questions to ask when performing an In-Home Assessment


3. So, what are the home care packages costs

When talking about Australian Home Care Packages, it can become overwhelming when talking about dollar signs. It can be a lot easier when some take on a large part of the care themselves. It’s most important to figure this up before making any final decisions. Australian Home Care is requesting a contribution from the consumer a basic daily care fee of 9.97 per elderly and that is also per day, on top of the income- tested fee. The basic fee is based on Full pensioners and part pensioners. Also, keep in minds since the government made it possible for part pensioners to waive there basic fee it’s important to remember that and not to figure out.

With there being 4 Different Level’s to the Home Care Packages the budgets are not the same and we have listed them here. For Level 1 the Home Care Packages budget per year is 8,158. For level 2 Home Care Packages budget per year is 14,837. For level 2 Home Care Packages budget per year is 32620. For level 2 Home Care Packages budget per year is 49,593. Now for the fee per full, part or self-funded fees goes as following. The maximum annual fee if full pensioners are $3,624. The annual maximum fee for part pensioners is 5,118 and the annual maximum fee for self-funding would be 10,375. Contributions have been reduced by the government in the area home care package amount they want the elderly to contribute. With this reduction, the total funding remains the same.

So in any care trying to find Home Care Packages in Australian home care it’s always important to have a game plan and ask the right questions. Making a decision around home care packages for a loved one is not always easy when it becomes an inherited responsibility, but now provided these  3 steps above I hope it helps with planning and executing to make the experience wonderful for your loved ones.


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